Leicester University X-ray and Observational Astronomy Group

Julian Osborne
+44 (0)116 252 3598

I am a Professor in the X-Ray and Observational Astrophysics group of the Department of Physics & Astronomy in the University of Leicester.

Over the last few years I have lead the Swift team at Leicester. Swift is a US/UK/Italian satellite designed to study gamma-ray bursts. Prior to this I was responsible in part for the architecture of the XMM-Newton Science Analysis Software, and was science lead for the XMM Survey Science Centre SAS effort. Before that I led the support of the analysis of data from active and past X-ray observatories (such as Rosat, ASCA and Ginga). Prior to joining Leicester in 1990 I was a member of the ESA EXOSAT observatory team at ESOC in Germany and then at ESTEC in the Netherlands. I got my PhD at the Mullard Space Science Lab, part of University College, London.

On the Research page as well as my publication lists, you will find an introduction to my main scientific interests:

On the Data Analysis and Data Archives page you will find:

On the Future page you will find links to projects in which I hope to be playing a role in the next few years:

If you have never heard of Leicester, click here. Leicester hosts the National Space Centre, due to the Department's success. It's a great place to see real space stuff.

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Julian Osborne: 15-May-2012