Talks given at The Royal Society, London discussion meeting
"New Windows on transients across the Universe"
23-24 April 2012
Organisers: Paul O'Brien, Stephen Smartt, Ralph Wijers, Ken Pounds
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Royal Society Publishing has published New windows on transients across the Universe in Phil Trans. A. This content can be accessed at .

A print version is also available at the special price of £35.00. You can order online via the above web page (enter special code TA 1992 when prompted) or, alternatively, you can contact


Invited talks

Neil Gehrels, High energy transients (pdf)

Andrew MacFadyen, The dynamics and afterglow radiation of gamma-ray bursts

Stephan Rosswog, The multi-messenger picture of compact object encounters (pdf)

Tsvi Piran, The origin of cosmic fireworks (pdf)

Brian Schmidt, Crossing the Univere with supernovae (pdf)

Jens Hjorth, The supernova/gamma-ray burst connection (pdf)

Avishay Gal-Yam, Super-luminous supernovae (pdf)

Lars Bildsten, Diverse energy sources for stellar explosions (pdf)

Rob Fender, Exploring the transient radio sky: new horizons with LOFAR

Jim Hinton, Very high energy emission from transients (pdf)

Sheila Rowan, Gravitational wave astronomy (pdf)

John Beacom, Supernova neutrino astronomy (pdf)

Isobel Hook, Supernovae and cosmology with future European facilities (pdf)

John Tonry, Monitoring the sky with Pan-STARRS (pdf)

Josh Bloom, Data-mining and machine learning in the LSST era (pdf)

Ben Stappers, The square kilometre array and the transient universe (pdf)

Contributed talks

Jess Broderick, The LOFAR transients key project (pdf)

Ross Church, Long gamma-ray bursts from interacting binaries (pdf)

Simon Hodgkin, Transient astronomy with the GAIA satellite (pdf)

Andrew Levan, Luminous panchromatic transients from tidal disruption events

Eran Ofek, PTF shock breakout events

Peeyush Prasad, AARTFAAC: towards a 24/7, all-sky radio sky monitor for LOFAR (pdf)

Norbert Schartel, XMM-Newton observations of transients (pdf)

Alicia Soderberg, Transients in the era of EVLA and ALMA

Gianpiero Tagliaferri, A complete sample of long bright Swift GRBs (pdf)

Rachel Tunnicliffe, On the nature of the hostless short gamma-ray bursts

Martin van Kerkwijk, White dwarf mergers, thermonuclear supernova and other transients (pdf)

Jorick Vink, In pursuit of GRB progenitors: a population of rotating WR stars (pdf)