Teacher Factsheets

These factsheets contain detailed information about the Earth, the Moon and Mars.


Download Description
earthfactsheet.doc Earth Factsheet
marsfactsheet.doc Mars Factsheet
moonfactsheet.doc Moon Factsheet


Student Factsheets

These factsheets contain information for students about the Earth, the Moon and Mars. The activity sheet enables students to compare and contrast these different bodies.


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searthfactsheet.doc Earth Factsheet
smarsfactsheet.doc Mars Factsheet
smoonfactsheet.doc Moon Factsheet


Student Question Sheet

This is a question sheet to be used with the three student fact sheets, which will encourage students to compare and contrast the three different bodies.


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squestfactsheet.doc Student Questionsheet


The above documents can be downloadable in pdf files. If you do not have a pdf reader you will first need to install Acrobat © Reader TM onto your computer. This is free and easy to do:

Just click here acrobat reader


Download Description
earthfactsheet.pdf Earth Factsheet
marsfactsheet.pdf Mars Factsheet
moonfactsheet.pdf Moon Factsheet
searthfactsheet.pdf Student Earth Factsheet
smarsfactsheet.pdf Student Mars Factsheet
smoonfactsheet.pdf Student Moon Factsheet
squestfactsheet.pdf Student Questionsheet
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