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What is Classroom Space?

Classroom Space is a national project funded by PPARC and run by the University of Leicester and the National Space Centre.

It is aimed at teachers of Key Stages 3 and 4, and their students. The Classroom Space materials use the exciting themes of space science and astronomy to teach key areas of the Science National Curriculum. Some activities can also be used within the Mathematics, Geography and ICT curricula.

All activities incorporate space data and images that have been collected on real space missions that look at our Earth, the Moon and Mars - giving students access to information they would usually never see!

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How would I use Classroom Space?

Classroom Space provides you with all the materials you would need to teach a complete lesson. There are teacher guides, lesson plans and marking schemes; student activities and worksheets; space data and images, and teaching aids such as transparencies.

Just go to the website -, download the materials you are interested in using and you are ready to go!

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How does Classroom Space relate to the National Curriculum?

Classroom Space is designed to cover key areas of the Science National Curriculum at Key Stages 3 and 4, but also has activities that relate to the Mathematics, Geography and ICT curricula. The teacher guides for each activity list the curriculum areas covered, and tables on the website show which materials can be used to teach which subject areas.

Topics covered include weather, life, volcanoes, rocks and water.

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How will Classroom Space benefit my students?

From our experience - students are fascinated and enthused by space and astronomy. With Classroom Space they will work with real space data - be it numbers or images - that have been collected on real space missions. They also get to see familiar science concepts from a different, and often more interesting angle. Many activities allow students to work in teams and solve problems, helping to develop key skills.

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Who has created the Classroom Space activities?

Classroom Space is a team effort. The activities are initially created by a project officer who has a background in space science and astronomy. The materials are then reviewed by former teachers who now make up the Education Team at the National Space Centre, and by PGCE tutors in the Department of Education at Leicester University. All materials have been trialled by teachers in schools across the UK.

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I don't know much about space - can I still use the materials?

All materials come with background notes for the teacher, which explain the space science concepts behind each activity. The website also has links to other sites that will provide you, or your students, with more information on each subject area. Remember - all the subjects covered are already part of the National Curriculum, they are just approached from a space science point of view!

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Why are some activities in text format while others are in doc format?

The text files contain the space data that can be opened in an Excel spreadsheet, enabling students to plot graphs etc. The doc files are usually the activity sheets and worksheets.

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How do I download a pdf file?

The pdf format makes it quick and easy for you to download documents from the web using any browser. To successfully download the files you will first need to install Acrobat © Reader TM onto your computer. This is free and easy to do - go to the adobe website by clicking here .

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