Topography (Higher KS3 & KS4)


Students will begin by discussing the nature of topography and the reasons why topographic data is useful using the worksheet. They will then be given topography data at every latitude for a given longitudes on the Earth, Mars and the Moon, which they can plot using a computer package such as Excel. Once the data has been plotted, students will be able to analyse the topography of each planet, make comparisons and recognise differences by answering the questions on the activity sheet.

Below you can download the relevant documents for Topography Activity.

Download Description
tgtopography.doc Background Teacher's Guide
tatopography.doc Teacher Answers
swtopography.doc Student Worksheet
satopography.doc Student Activity
ohearthtopo.doc Earth Topography Overhead
ohmarstopo.doc Mars Topography Overhead
ohmoontopo.doc Moon Topography Overhead
dswearthtopo.doc Earth Data Sheet West
earthwnorthern.txt Earth West Northern Text
earthwsouthern.txt Earth West Southern Text
dswmarstopo.doc Mars Data Sheet West
molawnorthern.txt Mars West Northern Text
molawsouthern.txt Mars West Southern Text
dswmoontopo.doc Moon Data Sheet West
moonwnorthern.txt Moon West Northern Text
moonwsouthern.txt Moon West Southern Text


There are additional data that can be used in conjunction with the above documents, these are listed below in both downloadable hardcopy files and e-files.

Download Description
dseearthtopo.doc Earth Data Sheet East
earthenorthern.txt Earth East Northen Text
earthesouthern.txt Earth East Southern Text
dsemarstopo.doc Mars Data Sheet East
molaenorthern.txt Mars East Northen Text
molaesouthern.txt Mars East Southern Text
dsemoontopo.doc Moon Data Sheet East
moonenorthern.txt Moon East Northen Text
moonesouthern.txt Moon East Southern Text


The above documents can be downloadable in pdf files. If you do not have a pdf reader you will first need to install Acrobat © Reader TM onto your computer. This is free and easy to do:

Just click here acrobat reader

Download Description
tgtopography.pdf Background Teacher's Guide
tatopography.pdf Teacher Answers
swtopography.pdf Student Worksheet
satopography.pdf Student Activity
ohearthtopo.pdf Earth Topography Overhead
ohmarstopo.pdf Mars Topography Overhead
ohmoontopo.pdf Moon Topography Overhead
dswearthtopo.pdf Earth Data Sheet West
dswmarstopo.pdf Mars Data Sheet West
dswmoontopo.pdf Moon Data Sheet West
dseearthtopo.pdf Earth Data Sheet East
dsemarstopo.pdf Mars Data Sheet East
dsemoontopo.pdf Moon Data Sheet East


Additional Resources

If you require additional resources to support the documents or would like to find more information on a particular subject area then you can check out our Resources section.

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