Volcano on Earth


Volcanoes on the Earth and Mars (KS3 and KS4)

Students will use topography data to plot the shapes of various volcanoes on Mars (using either graph paper or a computer package such as Excel), and compare these with the shapes and dimensions of volcanoes on the Earth. They will then investigate reasons why volcanoes on Mars are so much higher and broader than those on the Earth.

The Position of Volcanoes on the Earth and Mars (KS4)

Students will begin by looking at a map of the active volcanoes and plates on the surface of the Earth. By considering this they will answer questions about why volcanoes are found in the areas that they are, and how they relate to the movement of plates over the surface of the Earth. They will then relate this information to a map showing the positions of the volcanoes on Mars, and try to work out how volcanoes on Mars may have formed and whether or not plate tectonics is in operation like it is on our Earth.

Volcano on Mars


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