Channels on Mars


Water on the Moon (KS3 and KS4)

In this activity students will construct a solar water collector. Using the collector, students will collect and calculate the amount of water in an area of simulated lunar permafrost. Students will evaluate the pros and cons of using this system on the Moon.
A follow on activity 'How much water is on the Moon?' is also included which can also be done separately. Use the student activity worksheet provided to get students thinking about how much water they use, and the amount of water that exists on the Earth and on the Moon.

Finding Evidence for Water on Mars (KS3 and KS4)

Students will begin by thinking about the question 'Is there water on Mars' using the student worksheet. They will then analyse satellite images of the red planet that show features possibly created by water. They will then compare these images with similar ones from our own planet and will have to find similarities and differences, and draw conclusions about how such features on Mars could have been formed.

The Moon

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