Water on the Moon

(KS3 and KS4)


Below you can download the relevant documents for the Water on the Moon Activity.

Download Description
tgwateronmoon.doc Background Teacher's Guide
tawateronmoon.doc Teacher Answers
sawateronmoon.doc Student Activity
studentactivity1.doc Additional Student Activity


There are additional data that can be used in conjunction with the above documents, these are listed below in both downloadable hardcopy files and e-files.

Download Description
webwateronmoon.doc Water on the Moon Thinking Web Document


The above documents can be downloadable in pdf files. If you do not have a pdf reader you will first need to install Acrobat © Reader TM onto your computer. This is free and easy to do:

Just click here acrobat reader

Download Description
tgwateronmoon.pdf Background Teacher's Guide
tawateronmoon.pdf Teacher Answers
sawateronmoon.pdf Student Activity
studentactivity1.pdf Additional Student Activity
webwateronmoon.pdf Water on the Moon Thinking Web Document


Additional Resources

If you require additional resources to support the documents or would like to find more information on a particular subject area then you can check out our Resources section.

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