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The Educational Guide to Space and Astronomy


We have developed an Educational Guide to Space and have run several active programmes producing material which is specifically aimed at the National Curriculum - Classroom Space . This package is indexed by Key Stage and contains lesson material based on real space data, addressing the specific curriculum requirements.

Classroom Space banner (Space Science & Astronomy in the National Curriculum)


I gave the March 21st 2005 lecture to the Leicester Literary and Philosophical Society, sponsored by the British Association. This was published in the Transactions of the society. A colour version of the article and the slides from the talk can be downloaded from here .

On April 6th 2009 I gave a workshop at the Space Academy teachers' conference. The slides from the talk can be downloaded from here .


We have an active collaboration with local artist Joyce Markie who has a strong interest in creating images of Space and Astronomy. Her abstract impression of the DA + K star binary system V471 Tauri is now online.

Joyce Markie's impression of V471 Tauri

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