List of Astronomy Related Software installed at UoL XROA

ALADIN - An interactive software sky atlas
Type aladin

APT - Astronomers Proposal Tool
Type runAPT

ASTROGRID VO DESKTOP - Virtual Observatory Software for Astronomers
Type vodesktop

ATLAS - Automatically Tuned Linear Algebra Software

ATPY - High level python package to manipulate tables

BLAS - Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms

CFITSIO - A FITS file subroutine library

CIAO and the CALDB - X-Ray Data Analysis Software
Type ciao

CPL - The Common Pipeline Library

DISLIN - scientific data plotting software

ECLIPSE - ESO C Library for an Image Processing Software Environment


Type fermi-setup to set environment variables

FFTW - A C subroutine library

G95 - A stable, production Fortran 95 compiler
Type g95

GAIA AND SKYCAT - Graphic Astronomy and Image Analysis Tool
Type gaia

GASGANO - A Data File Organiser from ESO
Type gasgano

GMMPS - A Gemini IRAF package

GRACE - A 2D plotting tool
Type grace or xmgrace

GSL - GNU Scientific Library

GUIspec - A Java application to plot/analyse optical spectra
Type guispec

HEASoft - A Unified Release of the FTOOLS and XANADU Software Packages
Type lhea-setup to set up your environment, then the name of your desired tool. lhea-setup-old sets you up for a previous version.

IDL - Data visualisation, analysis and software application development
Type idl

The IDL Astronomy User's Library
Ensure /usr/local/idlastro/pro is added to your IDL_PATH in your .login file.

IPYTHON - An interactive computing environment

IRAF - Image Reduction and Analysis Facility
Type cl

ISIS - Interactive Spectral Interpretation System
Type isis

LAPACK - Linear Algebra PACKage

MARRATECH - Web conferencing and Internet collaboration
Type marratech

MATPLOTLIB - Python Plotting

MIDAS - General tools for image processing and data reduction from ESO

MOPEX - MOsaicker and Point source EXtractor (Spitzer)


NUMPY - Scientific Computing Tool for Python

P2PP - ESO Phase II Proposal Preparation

PANDORA - Programs for AstroNomical Data Organization Reduction and Analysis

PGPLOT - Graphics Subroutine Library

PIMMS - Program to estimate count rates from fluxes
Type pimms

PROFIT - GUI tool for visualising and modelling high-resolution spectra

PYFITS - An interface to FITS formatted files under Python

PYRAF - Command language for running IRAF tasks
Type pyraf

Q - A general purpose data analysis tool
Type q

R - For Statistical Computing
Type R

Type root

RUBY - A dynamic open source programming language
Type ruby

S-LANG - Multi-platform programmer's library

SAOIMAGE DS9 - An astronomical imaging and data visualisation application
Type ds9

SCISOFT - An Astronomical Software Collection from ESO

SEXTRACTOR - Builds catalogue of objects from an astronomical image
Type sex [-c ] [- ]

SKENCIL - A Vector Drawing Program

SPEX - Analysis and Interpretation of cosmic X-ray spectra


SPOT/LEOPARD - For Spitzer observers to plan observations

Ensure you are sourcing /star/etc/login and /star/etc/cshrc in your own .login and .cshrc files, then type the name of your favourite tool.

STARVIEW - Setup a telescope and control from a web browser

STSCI_PYTHON - A Library for Python routines and C extensions

STSDAS - Reduce and analyse astronomical data in IRAF

SUPERMONGO - Interactive plotting program or
Type sm

SYNSPEC - A user-oriented package for modeling stellar atmospheres and for stellar spectroscopic diagnostics

TABLES - Support for tabular data for STSDAS

TTH - The TeX to HTML translator
Type tth

TLUSTY - A user-oriented package for modelling stellar atmospheres and accretion disks and for stellar spectroscopic diagnostics
Type tlusty

UKIRT-OT - Observing tool from the JACH
Type ukirtot or ukirt-ot


WCSTOOLS - Image World Coordinate System Utilities

WINDOW TO THE STARS - Graphical interface to the popular TWIN single/binary stellar evolution code

XANIM - A program for playing a wide variety of animation, audio and video formats on X11.

XMM-SAS - XMM-Newton telescope Science Analysis Software
Type sas-setup to set up your environment and then the name of your desired SAS tool, or sas for a menu.



Numerical Recipes Plugin for Acrobat Reader



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