Welcome to my site. This site is intended to be an illustrated guide to black holes and X-ray astronomy. It is written primarily for the non-astronomer, and in order to keep the text at a suitable level I have left out all the maths and some of the terminology you might find in text books on the subject. I have tried to do this without sacrificing accuracy, but given the mathematical nature of the subject I have had to omit some important technicalities along the way. In order that the keen student is not left wanting I have included a section giving directions to other web sites and books on the subject. That said, I have tried to use the preferred technical parlance where I think it will not distract from the point of the text.

I should also point out that, compared to a lot of astronomy/astrophysics sites this is written from a slightly unusual point of view. I think probably most sites describing black hole research (for better or worse) tend to concentrate on the theoretical aspects of the subject: what happens at the event horizon? what is a singularity? what is a white hole? etc. I do briefly mention some of these things but thought it would be better to concentrate instead on what we actually know about real black hole candidates, and how we are learning more about them from observations, as opposed to what the maths can tell us.

Simon Vaughan,
September 2003

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