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I am a post-doctoral research assistant in the X-ray and Observational Astronomy group at the University of Leicester. I work on the Swift satellite.

I am particularly interested in multi-messenger astronomy. I coordinate the Swift response to gravitational wave events, and have been heavily involved in responding to potential neutrino triggers from IceCube.

I also produce and maintain software and web tools for the UK Swift Science Data Centre. These include the automated Swift-XRT data products for GRBs and the web tools to analyse XRT data. I led the creation of 1SXPS catalogue, and have some further plans concerning that…

Before coming to Leicester I was at Keele University. I took my undergraduate degree (Astrophysics, with Computer Science up to level II) there from 1999-2002, and did my PhD in Keele's astrophysics group from October 2002-August 2005. I then worked as a Coel Hellier's post-doc within that group until August 2006, which is when I came to Leicester.

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